Before you can be activated for work with 90 Seconds, you must first complete three simple steps:

  1. A Completed 90 Seconds profile
    Each part of your application should be complete and demonstrate your professional background and experience. Your Creator profile is the way to showcase work to brands and determines the type of work that you are offered. Click here for an article on setting up your profile.

  2. Creator Quick Start On boarding
    1. Click here for a quick walk overview
    2. Navigate your first project
    3. Complete your tasks like a pro
    4. How to Upload Your Footage
    5. How to Upload your Edit

    After completing this on boarding step, you will know how to navigate the
    platform, accept your first opportunity and get paid for your first job!

  3. Complete the Technical Activation Call

The Technical Activation Call is a 10 minute Zoom video call with a team member from 90 Seconds. The purpose of the call is review your 90 Second profile. You can see the call agenda here

  1. We will verify your contact information, professional background, equipment and client experience. 

  2. We will assess your oral communication skills, depth of experience, and creativity.

  3. We will confirm your ability to deliver at your requested Service Levels. 

90 Seconds conducts a rigorous screening process for every applicant. We are experts in video production, and we look for creators with passion and drive - the same kind of talent that we want to work with ourselves. Please do your best to schedule and complete your Technical Activation as quickly as possible.

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