Activation Call Agenda

Learn about the format of your activation interview and the questions you will be asked

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1. Please describe your professional background and general overview of your working career. 

- What type of work do you do? (prepare your elevator pitch!)
- Do you have expertise within a specific industry or vertical?
- What kind of clients do you work with?
- What is special about your work / approach?
- Confirm that these details are included in your About Me description. 

2. Describe your experience for each role that you have applied for. 

- Please explain your technical experience in each domain of your expertise.
- Confirm if each sample provided is an example of your work in the relevant role. 

3. Verify your 90 Seconds profile includes the following: 

- Make sure your Skype ID, phone and email contact information is accurate.
- Select a Service Level and Job Size for each role.
- Make sure your avatar is a clear, high quality image of your face.
- Fill in Languages, Industries and Brands fields.
- Provide links to your professional website, vimeo/youtube channel are provided. 

4. Walk through one of your provided work examples.

Explain your role, involvement with brand and outcome of the piece. 

5. Present your gear.

- What tools and equipment do you own and use for your work?
- What tools and equipment do you have experience using?
- Make sure Brand Make/Model is included for each piece of gear you own. 

  • How to upload work

  • Closing out completed Jobs

  • How to communicate on the platform

  • The importance of getting a good rating

7. Review Code of Conduct (link)

- Do not discuss payment on the project page with Client
- Do not share work created with 90 Seconds without written permission
- Look, act, and talk like a professional representative of 90 Seconds
- Sub-par work or poor communication is not tolerated. 

8. Visit the Knowledge Base  

  • What should I wear on set?

  • How to standout on your first project? (link)

  • What do I need to do add new skills or service quality levels? (link)

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