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How much work is in my area?
How much work is in my area?

What can I reasonably expect in terms of project load?

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While some markets maintain a large volume of projects, other less known areas are growing steadily and beginning to see an increasing amount of work. 

The amount of work in a given area depends entirely on our customers: how often they're purchasing video and where they need crew for their projects. The good news: 90 Seconds is growing, we have a large sales team and can support clients in all countries via our cloud platform. 

As a network, we take creator spread very seriously. We have developed a system that matches projects to the candidates best suited to the work, while also ensuring an even distribution among peers. 

As of 2022, we’ve created over 40,000 videos:

  • in 900 cities

  • across 160 countries

  • More than 150,00 gigs completed

  • Over $45M USD paid out to Creators globally

As jobs become available in your area, there are two factors which determine the number of gigs that flow to you:

  • Your Skills - think quality and not quantity. In fact, we recommend only applying for the skills that best reflect your expertise. Do not apply for skills that you do not want to accept work for. 

  • Your Service Levels and Job Size preferences - More than anything else, your Service Levels are what drive the amount of work that is sent your way. We recommend selecting as many as you are willing (and able) to deliver so that we can get you on your first project as soon as possible. 

Finally, the thoroughness of your completed profile is what helps you stand out to Producers, and helps showcase the quality of your work. For instance, a strong avatar (high quality image of your face) helps Producers get to know you and can increase your chances of being selected by 20%. 

We hope this helps, but if you're still having trouble navigating the platform please reach out to our live support team from the drop-down menu on every page.

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