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What does a great 'About Me' look like?
What does a great 'About Me' look like?

How to write your About Me so that your profile communicates to clients and producers the depth of your experience

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The best About Me descriptions do three things:

  1. It showcases the creator’s background and professional experience. Summarize the range of things have you done over your career.  

  2. It explains a quick overview for each skill that you are applying for. What are the specific functions where you excel for each Skill? For example, you might describe your expertise as a director to include budgeting, crewing, talent direction, and bringing a creative vision to a production. 

  3. It provides the names of clients and types of verticals that you have worked for. The relationships you have built in your career validate not only the quality of your work, but attests to your ability to serve demanding customers. What are your top genres of video experience (corporate, automotive, real estate, etc)?

Example About Me

Take note:

  1. This creator provides a summary and length of his experience.

  2. The creator gives details about the functional roles he has played for the various skills. 

  3. The creator lists the names of the clients that he has worked for. 

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