At the bottom your 90 Seconds profile, you will see a Mission Dock widget which provides easy access to five guides that walk you through the important steps you will need to complete on any 90 Seconds job.  

Mission Dock


The Mission Dock widget contains 5 walk-through guides which provide detailed instruction how the 90 Seconds platform works. The guides are always available as you need them or would like to refer back to.

We recommend completing the first guide before your Technical Activation call if possible so that you can ask questions. 

After accepting your first project, we recommend referring back to Guides 2-5 so that you do not encounter any challenges on your first project. 

Guides #1 and #2 explain how you will receive invites for opportunities and all the necessary steps involved in the project workflow. 

Guide #3 demonstrates one of the most common issues that creators face - maintaining real time updates of your status. 

Guides #4 and #5 demonstrate the two different places that footage and edits are to be uploaded. 

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