Opportunities are sent to creators in two ways. Direct invitation via email and New Opportunities published through the Marketplace.

The majority of 90 Seconds contracts are sent to a select number of creators based on the quality of their profile: skills, experience, and Service Quality Levels. 

These are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis so whoever accepts the job first will, in the most part, be assigned to the project.

The Marketplace (Browse Gigs) is where contracts are published for anyone in the Creator Community to apply for.  You will only see jobs that match your activated skills, Service Quality Levels, and location - although you will occasionally find jobs that can be completed remotely anywhere in the world! You can apply for as many or little as you want. 

To see if there are any open contracts which you have been sent or can apply for, visit your Gigs Contracts tab on your 90 Seconds profile here.

You will see two different types of contracts:

Under Gig Invitations are opportunities that a producer has sent you directly based on your creator profile. 

Under Browse Gigs are opportunities, published and made available to the creator community.
The opportunities you see will be tailored to your specific skills and location.  As a result, the number of job opportunities on view, will vary greatly.

Another exciting feature to mention is Smart Filters on the right of your Gigs Contracts Tab. They allow you to view work contracts by skill, brand that you have worked with, recommended for you, etc. It will help you narrow down the list of the results and make it more specific.

Once you have hit the "Apply" button, the job will disappear from Gigs list to keep it nice and tidy! 

These jobs are based on an application and review process. Each applicant will be reviewed by our Producer team to determine the best creator match. All jobs you have applied for will remain pending on your dashboard tab until you you are either accepted or rejected for the gig. If you are assigned a contract, you will receive an email confirmation and it will appear on your Jobs Dashboard.

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