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Can I redo my Technical Activation call?
Can I redo my Technical Activation call?

Learn what else you can do to strengthen your profile with a Creator Intro video

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The Technical Activation call is the best way to showcase your skills, your personality, and how you approach your work from a creative and technical perspective. 

Unfortunately, we only provide one opportunity for this call due to the overwhelming number of creators in our community. For this reason, we provide the agenda of the call in advance so you can prepare for the call and know exactly what to expect. 

If for some reason, you would like to provide an alternative to your call, we encourage you to upload a simple video that introduces you and your work. 

You are free to take any direction that you would like, but we suggest your Intro video covers the following:

  • Quick summary of your professional career

  • Highlight the type of work that you do

  • Why brands should hire you

  • Showcase your gear or any special equipment you have 

  • Something fun or personal about you, a hobby

As an example, see this incredible video below from Diego Opatowski, based in Auckland, New Zealand:

Once you have completed your video, you can upload it to your profile at the bottom of the main page:

If you will let us know once it is uploaded (contact a Creator team member via Chat Support), we will share with our producers!

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