By now you should already be familiar with our Make a Request feature that we rolled out a number of months ago. This allows all users to submit requests directly to our global team of Producers so you can communicate privately, away from the rest of the project team. Psst, it looks something like this:

What's New?

Well, we've now extended this feature so that it's not only Producers that you can request to Talk-To - this functionality is now open to Creators as well. Now when you select Talk-To Someone you'll be able to choose who you want to speak to from your project team.

How does this help?

It basically means that now all members on your project team can request to talk to each other in a private chat feed. If they have a problem, a question, or just need to get an update from someone - this is the perfect way to do it without having to take communication off-platform. 

Our goal behind this update is to allow users to have 1-1 private conversations away from the main project activity feed. We're aware that sometimes on larger, more complex projects there's a lot of moving parts and a lot of communication that needs to take place. Not all of this communication necessarily needs to happen in front of the Brand (or other Creators!), especially when discussing more technical aspects of the shoot or edit.

How does it work?

Once you've selected who you want to Talk-To, simply enter your first message to get the chat started, then hit Submit.

Your recipient will then receive an in-app notification letting them know they've received a new request. The request will also appear on both yours and their main dashboard. The little 'P' or 'C' icon will let you know whether it's a Producer or fellow Creator who wants to talk.

Clicking on the request will open the private chat for you to ask or answer any questions that you or they may have. The name and contact details of who you are talking to are reflected in the top right corner should you wish to communicate over video call.

Should you wish to schedule the request to continue the conversation at a later time, you may do so by selecting Schedule in the bottom right. This will then move the request into the Scheduled section of your dashboard and return it to Active at the respective date and time.

Once the conversation has come to an end and all questions have been answered, simply Resolve the request and let us know the outcome. The request will then disappear from both of your dashboards and you can continue working on other project tasks. But not to worry, should you need to open up another chat you can simply repeat the steps again!

What if I get a request whilst on the move?

Not a problem! We've recently released a brand new mobile app designed specifically for Creators. Once downloaded and logged in, you'll be able to manage all your chats on the go - just like a regular messenger!

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