Starting your First Project
Learn how to quickly and easily start a project on 90 Seconds
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Starting a Project with 90 Seconds is quick, easy and simple. 

Before you Start

To start on your first video project, you will need to sign up and attach to a brand. If you have not done this yet, we recommend you do this now - Sign Up.

Create video

  1. If you're on 90 Seconds Homepage then click on 'Create Video'

2. If you're already signed in on your brand page, then click on 'Projects' on the top panel and choose 'Create New Video' or click on 'Start a new Video Project' under 'Video Projects In Purchase' section on your brand page.

This also applies to any additional videos projects you want to purchase at anytime.

3. Choose between "Browse the Curated Marketplace" and "Start a Custom Project"

Purchasing from a Curated Marketplace Package

Choose from one of our most popular video products and get started right away.

  1. Browse and select a video package from the Curated Marketplace.

2. Pick the package that fits your project.

3. Configure.

4. Review & Pay.

Start a Custom Project

Create a custom project from scratch.

1. Brief your project - See 'How to brief like a pro'

2. Confirm deliverables and project due date

3. Review and Pay

We hope this helps, but if you're still having trouble navigating the platform please reach out to our live support team from the drop-down menu on every page.

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