Uploading footage and/or the edit is the final step of your job as an editor/shooter. You not only need to upload it to the proper place of the project page, but you also make sure to close out the associated Job. Below we have laid out the necessary steps so that you complete this step without any issues. 

To get started, watch this short video:

If you would like a more in-depth explanation, read on below. 

Uploading Video Footage

  1. After the shoot has been completed, click the main project page. Upload all footage under the relevant shoot page.

Example: Click MYANMAR shoot page.

2. Under "Footage to create and store", enter a label for your footage. Click the plus symbol located at the right hand corner to add the footage folder.

3. Once a folder has been made, click the upload button located at right hand corner to upload all relevant video footage into the folder.

Uploading Video Edits

  1. After a video edit has been completed, click the main project page. Upload the video edit under the relevant video page.

Example: Click on Boomerang Video #4 Mixed Fruit Bottle video page.

2. Under "Uploads", click on the upload tab. Select video edit files to upload or drag files to the upload tab to add them to upload queue. Alternately, enter a URL of file uploaded through a third party site. Do label your video edits in their respective versions.

3. Select the file type. This will allow you to track the stages of your video edits. 

We also recommend that you drop a quick note to the brand to let them know that the materials submitted are complete. If you are uploading a lot of footage and/or file types, please upload a file manifest as a .xls spreadsheet. 

Lastly, we created a step-by-step guide that explains how to upload footage to the 90 Seconds platform as a Screen Walk Through Guide

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