Opportunities are sent to creators by two ways. Direct invitation via email and Open Opportunities published through the Marketplace.

The majority of 90 Seconds contracts are sent to creators based on the quality of their profile: skills, experience, and Service Quality Levels. 

These are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis so whoever accepts the job first will automatically be assigned to the project.

The Marketplace is where contracts are published for anyone in the Creator Community to apply for. 

To see if there are any open contracts which you have been sent or can apply for, visit the Contracts tab of your 90 Seconds profile here.

You will see two different types of contracts:

Under Available Contracts are opportunities that a producer has sent you directly based on your creator profile. 

Opportunities under Other Available Contracts are contracts published and made available to the creator community.

For a quick tour around this feature, click here.

Because they are not tailored specifically to your skills and experience, it is up to you to read through the job contract and project brief to decide if you are able to deliver.

Before you apply, you must first check that you qualify in the following areas:

  1. The right location: Most contracts will not depend on location and can be completed where ever you live, but please confirm before applying!
  2. The right Service Quality Level: Make sure and only apply for contracts that match your service levels that you are willing and able to deliver. 
  3. The right scope: Make sure that you are able to deliver the scope that is required in the brief and hit all due date timelines. 

These jobs are based on an application and review process. Each applicant will be reviewed by our Producer team to determine the best creator match. If you are assigned a contract, you will receive an email confirmation and it will appear on your Jobs Dashboard.

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